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  1. floki

    floki Administrator Staff Member

    Due to the flood of "double posts" "spam" and "rule breaker" i decided to create CoWpartner-program for special uploader.


    This progam is for webmaster only and we want a closer cooperation!

    • What is the advantage of the CoWpartner-program?
      You will get special posting-privileges. This means you will be allowed to post without limitations. You will also be free from the "forced-filehoster".
    • How could you request the CoWpartner-account?
      Simply send a private message with your request at the admin floki. But don't forget to name your website/board!
    • Does it cost something?
      No! Nothing!
    For all other user, please keep in mind that we are free of advertisment and the board cost time and money.
    Unfortunatly we can't provide all user special posting privileges. If you think our rules are to strong, we would like to recommend the board ! It's special for normal uploader.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.