1. floki

    floki Administrator Staff Member

    Hi my name is Floki and i'm your new Admin.
    We have finally transfer the board into a xenforo board.

    • Please request a new password, if you have issue with your login.
    • We have also change our rules. So please read it and take care about it.
    • Any feedback is welcome

    Best regards
  2. gasica77

    gasica77 New Member

    XXX Passwords section?
  3. floki

    floki Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry no password sections anymore.
    We removed this section because it was only used to break our rules!
    e.g. use of unwanted short-url service..
    or to advertisment other websites without any backlink to us.
  4. Ulamax

    Ulamax Member

    that's very important.