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    Android - Paid Apps - Week 42 - 2018



    Android - Paid Apps - Week 42 - 2018
    Multilingual | APPS | Mobile Phone | Android | Full | RAR=>.apk | 1.58 GB Packed

    - Screen Translator v1.16.02 [Unlocked].apk"
    - Sensor List (Paid) v10.3.0.apk"
    - SKC - Smart Key Control Pro v1.5.1 [Paid].apk"
    - Slow Motion Camera Extreme v1.6.5 [Patched].apk"
    - Smugy (Grace UX) - Icon Pack v8 [Patched].apk"
    - SnapTime - Silent_Square Stamp Camera v2.62 [Pro].apk"
    - SnapTube - YouTube Downloader HD Video Beta v4.51.1.4511101 [Vip].apk"
    - SO S8 Launcher for Galaxy S, S8 S9 Theme v4.0 [Prime].apk"
    - Stedman's Medical Dictionary v8.0.250 [Premium Mod].apk"
    - Stellio Player v5.4.1 [Premium Mods Vk + Mp3].apk"
    - Storage Space v21.1.0 [Premium].apk"
    - Sun Locator Pro v2.31-pro [Paid].apk"
    - Tasker v5.5.2b [Paid].apk"
    - The Guardian v6.11.1842 [Subscribed].apk"
    - The Week magazine v3.3.2829 [Subscribed].apk"
    - To-Do Calendar Planner v9. [Plus].apk"
    - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.92.85 [Paid] Icon.apk"
    - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.92.85 [Paid] Theme.apk"
    - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.92.85 [Paid].apk"
    - Truecaller Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer 10.2.7 [Pro].apk"
    - Ultra GPS Logger v3.149b [Patched].apk"
    - Voice Changer v2.2 [Premium].apk"
    - Web Video Cast Browser to TV (Chromecast DLNA+) v4.4.0 build 1528 [Premium Mod].apk"
    - Yatse Kodi remote control and cast v8.7.0 [Patch] ARM.apk"
    - Yatse Kodi remote control and cast v8.7.0 [Patch] ARM64.apk"
    - Yatse Kodi remote control and cast v8.7.0 [Patch] x86.apk"
    - Yobit client v1.23 [Unlocked].apk"
    - Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v5.4.527 [Premium] ARM.apk"
    - Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v5.4.527 [Premium] ARM64.apk"
    - Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v5.4.527 [Premium] x86.apk"
    - Afterglow Icons Pro v2.1.0 [Patched].apk"
    - APK INSTALLER PRO v4.3.0 [Unlocked].apk"
    - App Backup & Share Pro v4.3.0.apk"
    - Astrolapp Planets and Sky Map v3.0.0.5 [Paid].apk"
    - BeyondPod Podcast Manager v4.2.41 [Unlocked].apk"
    - BlackPlayer EX v20.44 build 310 Final [Mod Lite].apk"
    - CALCU Stylish Calculator v3.7.3 [Mod Lite].apk"
    - Calendar Pro-Schedules, Reminder, Holiday & Widget v1.1.0.apk"
    - Camera Pro - Customize Resolution Flash Zoom Focus v1.0.0.apk"
    - Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker v9.4.1 build 109401200 [Mod].apk"
    - Carista OBD2 PRO v3.7.1 Final [Unlocked].apk"
    - CastMix Podcast, Radio & Audio Books v2.7.6 [Pro].apk"
    - CCleaner v4.9.1 [Professional Mod].apk"
    - Chromatin UI - Icon Pack v8.4 [Patched].apk"
    - ClockView - Always On Talking World time Widget v3.91 [Pro].apk"
    - Colorfy - Coloring Book v3.6 [Plus].apk"
    - CPU X System & Hardware Info v2.6.5 [Mod].apk"
    - Dark Material Substratum Theme vrs112 [Patched].apk"
    - eWeather HD - weather, hurricanes, alerts, radar v7.8.1 [Patched].apk"
    - Flowx Weather Map Forecast App v3.038 [Pro].apk"
    - Full Screen Caller ID v3.5.1 [Pro].apk"
    - GO Launcher - 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers v3.08 [VIP].apk"
    - Home Agenda - Calendar Widget v1.1.4 [Patched].apk"
    - HUAWEI EMUI - ICON PACK v2.0 [Patched].apk"
    - Hyperion launcher v15 [Premium].apk"
    - Infinite Painter v6.1.79 [Unlocked] AR;.apk"
    - Infinite Painter v6.1.79 [Unlocked] ARM64.apk"
    - Infinite Painter v6.1.79 [Unlocked] x86.apk"
    - John GBA - GBA emulator v3.73 [Paid] need LP.apk"
    - John NES - NES Emulator v3.73 [Paid] need LP.apk"
    - KineMaster – Pro Video Editor v4.7.1.11831.GP Final [Unlocked].apk"
    - Le Monde, l'info en continu v8.5.7 [Subscribed].apk"
    - Listen Audiobook Player v4.5.4 [Paid].apk"
    - Live Stream Player v5.12 [Pro].apk"
    - Morphing Tunnels Premium - Chill out visualizer v1.41 [Paid].apk"
    - Mushrooms app v30 [Ad Free].apk"
    - MX Player v1.10.16 [AD-Free, Mod Lite].apk"
    - My WatchFace for Amazfit Bip v2.15.1 [Paid].apk"
    - NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.215 [Mod Lite].apk"
    - NOAA Weather Unofficial (Pro) v2.9.3 [Paid].apk"
    - Norton Security and Antivirus Premium v4.3.1.4254 [Unlocked].apk"
    - Nucleo UI - Icon Pack v11.3 [Patched].apk"
    - Overdrop - Animated Weather & Widgets v0.9.5.7 build 65 [Pro].apk"
    - Perfect Player IPTV v1.4.9b1 [Unlocked].apk"
    - PFScanner Bonus v1.53 [Paid].apk"
    - PhotoGrid Video & Pic Collage Maker, Photo Editor v6.83 build 68300002 [Premium Mod].apk"
    - PIXEL VINTAGE - ICON PACK v1.1 [Patched].apk"
    - Planit! for Photographers Pro v9.7.2 [Patched].apk"
    - Plume for Twitter v6.30.2 build 630150 [Premium].apk"
    - Poweramp Music Player v3-build-801-play uni nrrf LP.apk"
    - Prime Novus Substratum vX.1985 [Patched].apk"
    - Pro Mp3 player - Qamp v1.1.048 [Paid].apk"
    - Protect Note Pro v2.0 [Paid].apk"
    - Remember The Milk v4.3.3 [Pro].apk"

    * Use WinRAR 5+ to extract Files
    * Copy and paste to extSD and Install
    * Some Apps/Games need "Root"

    PLEASE keep in mind that not all apps/games work on all devices due to the software the device providers install

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